I started out of college as a computer engineer, had a successful career in technology and product management and have come a long way from there. Today I work in the field of canine behaviour, providing holistic canine care with a firm grounding in science and research. I love the idea that this job gracefully brings together my love for dogs and my love for science. But more importantly, it's very personal. I started working with dogs when my precious little puppy met with a horrific accident that took away half her face and required a year of surgeries. At that time, I knew enough about dogs to know that she would have some kind of a post trauma disorder and I started my desperate search for someone who could help her. At that time, I did not realized that the person who eventually managed to help me was none other than Turid Rugaas, the world leader in canine behaviour. Meanwhile I had started a facebook group called Bombat Dawgz meant for pet parents as crazy as me. The group was growing rapidly and I was able to help members with the knowledge I had gained from Turid. It soon became evident to me that I had to learn this formally. Once I did, the career just happened. I guess, you could say that the career found me. Since there, there has been no looking back and I now know what I want to be doing for the rest of my life - work with dogs.


I started working at Yahoo as a software engineer and moved on to being a product manager. I worked with Yahoo for 7 years and then the 7 year itch made itself felt.

My engagement with Parikrma Humanitarian Foundation started when I was working with Yahoo and led their CSR initiative to have a school built for Parikrma to educate underserved children. I later joined Parikrma as a technology head to help them leverage technology in the best ways possible to achieve their goals.


I spent two years as the VP for Products at Stormglass, a silicon valley funded start up aimed at building a "spy experience" for kids through books, ipad and browser games.


One month intensive training in Norway with Turid Rugaas, Anne Lill Kvam and Agnes Vælidalo and one year in depth training in the US with Turid Rugaas

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A study on street dogs aimed at identifying how much time dogs, left to their own, spend in doing different activities like sleeping, running, eating, sniffing etc...Do check out this pet project of mine and tell me what you think.

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I am a PADI certified Advanced diver and have had the good fortune of diving in the Similans, Hikkadua, Netrani and Havelock. I love Havelock so much that we got married there and all our guests were given few diving lessons. I even considered becoming a rescue diver!